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Our Practice

We are a neurosurgical practice, our physicians frequently get called to the hospital for emergencies and their clinics are delayed or occasionally canceled when this occurs. Our physician assistants usually see all post-surgical patients in the office.

The History of UT Erlanger Neurosurgery & Spine

historyUT Erlanger Neurosurgery & Spine was founded as The Neurosurgery & Spine of Chattanooga in 1947 by Drs. Robert Waters, Augustus McCravey, and Walter Boehm. The original mission has not changed in 60 years: To provide comprehensive neurosurgical care of the highest quality in a regional center of excellence. ENG is committed to continuing that philosophy. Good medical outcomes are best for our patients, our practice, and the Chattanooga area. The doctors at UT Erlanger Neurosurgery & Spine provide complete care for our patient’s entire Central Nervous System.

Finding the Least Invasive Treatment Option

least invasiveThe ENG philosophy is to perform the smallest intervention possible that gets our patients back to their optimal quality of life. Most of the time this consists of non-surgical treatment. We offer an excellent non-operative rehab program. When surgery is indicated, we make a focused effort to perform the smallest surgery possible. Extensive fusions and spinal screw instrumentation are reserved only for a handful of cases.

Offering the Newest Technology

technologyUT Erlanger Neurosurgery & Spine offers the same advanced treatments available at “Ivy League” universities in a comfortable setting close to home. The ENG clinic is affiliated with the Department of Surgery at the UTC College of Medicine. Each doctor carries a clinical appointment to the medical teaching staff. These affiliations allow us to keep abreast of the latest advances in diagnosis and treatment of the brain and spine. Artificial discs, minimally invasive techniques, and endoscopic surgeries are all readily available.